Meditation for Non-Meditators

MFNM_cover350Meditation for Non-Meditators: How to Meditate in Five Minutes a Day, is designed to first, overcome the top misconceptions about meditation and educate everyone about the well-researched health, psychological and productive advantages that meditating daily can create.  Second, the book’s purpose is to describe how to meditate using the simplest process possible, minimizing any special positions or arcane instructions, from a NON-religious perspective.  I have identified the three key components of the meditation process:  concentration (learning to focus our mind on a specific object, like the breath or a word), natural awareness (learning to rest in an uncontrived way of being that is simply aware of being aware) and positive imagery (learning to use our innate powerful capability of imagination to cultivate positive mental states, so that we begin to more often have a positive experience of being).  Third, I elaborate on the positive change in our experience of ourselves and the world around us that can come from this simple practice (like weight control, better relationships and more altruism).



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